things they don't teach you

Things no one taught you Part 2

How do credit card work

You may be in college, or just getting your feet wet in the workplace, but something everyone should know is how credit cards work.  You’ll already be inundated with credit card companies mailing you promotions and approval letters, but do you really know what you’re signing up for?
Credit cards are somewhat essential as they’re the easiest way to build credit, which you’ll need unless you’re able to buy that house or car cash.

Few essentials you need before taking the credit card plunge:

  1. Look for a card with rewards and no annual fees.
    • exceptions can be made, I have a card that’s $95 annually but the cash back rewards more than make up for this.
  2. You do need to pay back what you use on that card, try not to max it out and only make the minimum $25 payment a month.
  3. Don’t go crazy! Credit cards do build credit, which is important but also creditors don’t want to see that you have more than 30% of your credit balance utilized, meaning if you have a total of $10,000 in credit to use, your combined balances on all cards should only be $3000.
  4. Pay them off monthly or as soon as possible to maintain a zero or close to zero balance.
  5. And finally, use your credit cards.  I know it seems like I’m saying don’t use it, but it is important to have usage because companies also don’t like for you to get a card and then not use it; they’ll also end up closing the account out for inactivity.

Boom. You’ve been schooled.

things they don't teach you


This post is not meant to be insulting, but educational.  I had a friend mention to me that their children didn’t know how rentals worked, this conversation will also inspire other posts about how to balance your checkbook and some information on credit cards and loans. But….  I’m here to educate on how rentals work,  such as textbooks or cars.

Now you may be going on to college and have purchased your books at the college bookstore for a ridiculous amount only to realize the next semester that you’ve hardly opened them and could have used that money for food.  Never fear, retailers like amazon and chegg have the solution to this – textbook rentals.  It’s a great alternative to purchasing your textbooks as you won’t be stuck with the book at the end of the semester and it’s generally cheaper.

How do I rent a book

  1. Find the book on a rental website
  2. Rent book for length of time you’d like (make a payment for the rental)
  3. Receive books and go to school
  4. Return books to the retailer

Now you may have a few questions, is it really that easy?  Yes. Do I get money back when I return the books?  No.  Rentals are essentially you paying someone to borrow their book for a few weeks. Similarly car rentals work this way, pay money get a car for a limited time.  I hope this helps someone!

Nerdy As F

GOT Anonymous

Addicted to GOT? Me too

I’ve got the paperbacks, the audiobooks, seen all the episodes twice, own the graphic novel, drank the beers and even have a game of thrones tattoo (don’t judge me).
Safe to say if you’re reading this you probably imagined banging Khal drogo or Dany, and wondered how long you’d survive in Westeros.

Now I’m not going to try to break your addiction, instead here are some crazy things every Game of Thrones addict needs. You’re welcome

THIS SHIRT! I have two, one tank and one hoodie.  GLORIOUS

Image result for i drink and i know things shirt

THIS DOORSTOP that will make you cry
Game of Thrones Hodor Door Wedge

These cool claws that remind us of Cersai. Not sure when I’d wear this except in the bedroom but I need it anyway
Silver Dragon Claws // Nail Armor // Set of 5

This Stark Vinyl to bond you to your fellow banner-men during winter
Game Of Thrones Decal House Stark Sticker For Macbook Apple Laptop Stark Sigil GoT Winter Is Coming Vinyl Sticker

And finally, a recent discovery of mine, I bought two already 😀

Go be free dear ones, and I’ll see you in July with tissues and psychiatric services.

things they don't teach you

Don’t be a dick

Everyone will try to impart wisdom on you throughout your life, some of it good, some of it bad; some of it will inspire you to greatness.

My little bit of advice is this- don’t forget your family.  Whether you’ve moved away, or are one town over; there’s no excuse to not spend time with them or maintain communication with those who matter the most.  I’ve watched people grow up, too involved in their own lives, and the lives of people who will be there temporarily while forgetting those who would stick by them until the end.  This is the biggest mistake you can make, life throws your curveballs and when it does, who can you trust to be there for you?

End of rant.  Ha! So give your mom, dad or sibling a hug today and tell them you love them.


Perks of being an adult

There are so many things wrong with being an adult like bills and responsibilities; fuck getting up at 6AM everyday.  But once in a while life gives you a treat and you’re able to momentarily forget your responsibilities.

Fabulous things about being a grown ass wo(man)

Cake for breakfast- who’s going to tell you no?
Breakfast for dinner? BOOM!
Brunch anytime of the day
Bath+ Champagne+ Bubbles
Don’t shower if you don’t want to, it’s OK to skip a day now and then
Watch cartoons all day
Walk around in your underwear
Wine- 2 buck chucks or wine subscriptions, you do you boo

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Beignets for one

Learning to cook is an important part of adulting, but learning to make desserts? Invaluable!

One of the best fried dough recipes on this planet. Intimidating and elusive to those who don’t reside in New Orleans (Nawlins?) I woke up with a craving for fluffy fried dough smothered in powdered sugar and selling my soul to get some. Living in close proximity to NYC you can pretty much find any cuisine, any food, to satisfy any craving. I did on my persistent search find many places and then, I discovered a recipe for Café du monde beignets.

The angels were smiling on me today.


With my craving in full force I decided to dive into beignet making, something I’ve never done before and was a little scared to try because of the frying.

I got this recipe from dessert for two by Christina Lane and let me tell you it is amazing and easy. The bread machine does the dough and all you have to do is roll, cut and fry.

I found that the dough was a little hard to roll, so bear this in mind when you’re on that step. I suggest pulling pieces off and rolling the dough into balls and frying it that way. This recipe makes less than a ton of beignets but I still had an entire bowl full, though they didn’t make it to the next day.

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Drunken Antics

You haven’t made it to adult land without drinking and if you have, you’re a unicorn and I’d love to meet you!

Here are a few tips to not wake up regretting that bottle of tequila you went swimming in.

  • Have a ‘go to’ person to make sure you get home alive
  • Wear comfy shoes, for heavens sake you don’t want to have to take them off or have blisters the size or oranges the next day.
  • Pay with your credit card, if you leave it at a bar no big deal, call the company and get a new one. Way better than losing cash or your debit card.
  • Download UBER, for fucks sake make sure you have a way home!
  • Have condoms, yeah yeah yeah, you’re not going to go home with a guy you met at the bar, please let’s be realistic here. And never depend on the guy to have condoms either, you don’t want to end up with the gift that keeps on giving.