Ok, technically I’ve been an adult for 7 (yikes) years now; and honestly I’m no where near figuring this bitch out but here are a few things I’ve learned that will help you be a little bit more confident in your adult journey.

  1. LAUGH!!
    • It’s ok to still be a kid! Believe it or not, in the work world you don’t need to be serious all the time.  A good sense of humor especially in the workplace can make you invaluable to your company and coworkers.
  2. MAN UP!
    • YES you will fuck up.  But it’s ok, you’re not expected to be perfect (even though you are).  But it’s equally important to fess up to fucking up and make it right.  While you want to be the best at your job or whatever you do, it’s important to also make sure that you make things right whenever you make a mistake.
  3. READ
    • Most correspondences today in businesses go out via email, that’s why it’s especially important to be sure to proof read anything you send out over the interwebs.  Emails written when you’re having a bad day or feeling a particular way about a topic can leak into your email and come off as rude.  You don’t want to respond snidely to a coworker who asked you to cover for him, because one day you might need that same person to do you a favor.
    • This is the most important value any one can have, in life and in relationships.  If someone in the workplace is acting some way that makes you feel uncomfortable it’s best to confront them, kindly of course.  Passive aggressive behavior can affect work relationships and most of the times the aggressor doesn’t realize what they’re doing.  There’s no need to be miserable when a simple conversation can make your life so much better.
    • My last tip is especially close to my heart.  Be brave, be brave to make the tough decisions.  If you’re in a job that beats you down and makes you miserable everyday, be brave enough to leave.  I did this a few years ago and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.  Leaving a job that I hoped would propel me into a great career, leaving benefits and a fantastic salary was tough, but I made the choice for my mental health.  No more was I dreading going to work or constantly on my phone on my day off answering emails and text messages.  No more was I losing sleep and friends over the stress at work that I was unfortunately taking home with me.
      And things worked out I ended up working with a great friend and being in a position that I’m so happy with. So don’t be afraid to do what will be best for your happiness.

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