things they don't teach you


This post is not meant to be insulting, but educational.  I had a friend mention to me that their children didn’t know how rentals worked, this conversation will also inspire other posts about how to balance your checkbook and some information on credit cards and loans. But….  I’m here to educate on how rentals work,  such as textbooks or cars.

Now you may be going on to college and have purchased your books at the college bookstore for a ridiculous amount only to realize the next semester that you’ve hardly opened them and could have used that money for food.  Never fear, retailers like amazon and chegg have the solution to this – textbook rentals.  It’s a great alternative to purchasing your textbooks as you won’t be stuck with the book at the end of the semester and it’s generally cheaper.

How do I rent a book

  1. Find the book on a rental website
  2. Rent book for length of time you’d like (make a payment for the rental)
  3. Receive books and go to school
  4. Return books to the retailer

Now you may have a few questions, is it really that easy?  Yes. Do I get money back when I return the books?  No.  Rentals are essentially you paying someone to borrow their book for a few weeks. Similarly car rentals work this way, pay money get a car for a limited time.  I hope this helps someone!

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